Learn about investing and the diversified approach to investing

It's important to arm yourself with a solid understanding of investment basics, so that you and your financial adviser can define a strategy that suits your needs and goals.

Getting Started

Learn about some simple strategies that will help you take control of your investment and minimise your exposure to risk.

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Understanding Risk

All investments carry some level of risk. The level of risk you're willing to take on will play a key role in selecting your investment options.

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Market Volatility

Markets and economies move in growth cycles – from boom periods to the global financial crisis.

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Prices and Performance

A key step in evaluating an investment option involves looking at its past performance. Take a look at the performance figures of Advance Investment and Superannuation Funds.

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Regular market updates

Advance provides regular updates on activity across global markets and within various asset classes and the impact of these on investments.

Find an adviser

A qualified and experienced financial adviser can help you take financial control of your future and set you up for life.