Simple Investing - Three steps to investing

When you invest with Advance, you’re investing with an award-winning, specialist investment management business boasting over 22 years’ experience. With a unique suite of multi-manager and single-manager investment options, we make it easy to find a quality investment solution that’s right for you.

1. Learn about investing

When defining your investment strategy, it’s important to understand the fundamentals – such as investment risk, performance, and the role that market volatility plays. You'll also need to consider your appetite for risk, as well as your investment goals and timeframes.

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2. Find out which fund works for you

The investment fund that is right for you will depend on your goals and needs. Multi-Blend funds offer a high level of diversification, while Sector Multi-Blend Funds offer exposure to asset classes that suit your investment profile. Single Manager Funds cover a variety of asset classes and investment styles.

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3. Speak to your financial adviser

Good financial advice helps you make the most of what you have while you create a comfortable future for yourself and your family. A qualified, experienced financial adviser can help you prepare a tailored strategy that incorporates all of your financial needs – from tax planning and investment advice, to estate planning and insurance.  

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